Master Coaching

  • Requires purchase of a Brain Entrainment Unit.
  • Packages of 100, 250, 500, and 1,000 minutes available.
  • Pre-paid costs, due at beginning of first session.


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Life Coaching Certifications

The scope of this training is to equip the developing practitioner to recognize specific desired outcomes with realistic time goals, to create client awareness of areas of sabotage and missing (helpful) skills, to transfer life-long skill sets to help the client develop – and to implement behavioral and emotional shifts when needed, and to ensure effective follow-up for each life coaching client. Business development and best practices as a Life Coach are included in the training.  An internship program in integrated into the program for the client to demonstrate mastery and implementation of learning.

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Included in the training: 1. Neuro-linguistic programming skills 2. Tapping Therapy 3. Personality identification and inter-personal relationship 4. Talk Coaching 5. Brain Entrainment introduction 6. Neurofeedback introduction 7. Business Development 8. Internship Training is self-paced and takes up to two years to complete the course. A Certificate is awarded upon completion of the course and successful demonstration of skills.

Master Life Coach Practitioner Certification Course:

The Master Life Coach Practitioner Certification Course reviews information in the Life Coach Practitioner Certification Course and gives access to the practitioner to a much higher level of effectiveness with clients. Included in the training: 1. Advanced Language training 2. Advanced Neuro-linguistic patterns for rapid transformation 3. Somatic transformation skills 4. Brain Entrainment technology information and equipment to work with shifting neuropathways for anxiety, stress, learning, creativity, healing, and many more areas of impact. 5. Biofeedback technology training to give clients a way to take charge of their physical bodies without drugs. The benefits of biofeedback are numerous and are easily identified with a search online. 6. Neurofeedback technology helps the practitioner to identify, in real time, the changes of brainwave states resulting from work being done. 7. Quantum Vibrational Resonance Training is introduced and developed as an optional add-on to the training.

Quantum Healing

No claims made but results speak for themselves.

  • On website: audio testimonials from clients
  • 16 different areas diagnosed and energetically balanced
  • Mp3 audio Healing Codes are individually prepared and made available to clients via dropbox

Healing Codes

    • Personal service requires a voice sample and photo
    • Healing codes are played through earphones and directed to specific places on the body (depends on the vibrational frequency of each person)


Disclaimer Dene Ballantine does not guarantee or warrant that the techniques and strategies portrayed will work for everyone. The techniques and strategies are general in nature and may not apply to everyone. The techniques and strategies are not intended to substitute for obtaining medical advice from the medical profession. Always consult your own professionals before making any life-changing decisions. No claims, implicit or explicit, are made. All material is for educational use only. All persons should see their medical professional for any medical condition.

Audio Products

MP3 Audio


  • Meditation Mp3s
  • Brain Entrainment personalized audio files
  • Audio Workshops

Free Online Podcast

Certified Life Coaching Course

Self-paced. Take up to three years to complete the course.